A 3D Model is worth a thousand words, but BIM tells you the whole story

Building Information Modeling captures and guides the whole process right from design through to operations, all from one location that can be worked on simultaneously and in real time. BricsCAD provides the most complete BIM workflow, all in DWG and IFC4.

Capture your ideas immediately as a 3D design

Sculpt your ideas in solids from the start. Experience the power of free-form modeling with full CAD accuracy.

Model your way to continuous LOD

A model with a high LOD (Level of Development) gives you one single source of truth with the right quantity take-offs and more accurate data.

Use A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to accelerate workflow efficiency

  • BIMIFY turns your design concept into a full BIM in an instance using machine learning to automatically classify building elements.
  • PROPAGATE helps you automatically replicate details throughout your BIM.
  • AUTOMATED SECTIONS automatically generates drawings created from your 3D model. Update the model, and all sheets update in sync.

Why BricsCAD BIM makes sense for you?

Download ‘The Value Proposition – BricsCAD BIM‘ eBook. It covers everything you need to know about BIM. We take you through the easy steps to move you from a 2D CAD-based design workflow to BIM, efficiently transitioning the workflows that support the way you work today.  BricsCAD BIM allows you to continue to use tools that you already know, and leverage a streamlined workflow that doesn’t require an advanced engineering degree to move to BIM.