BricsCAD, BricsCAD BIM, and BricsCAD Mechanical Now Available on GSA Advantage

BricsCAD, BricsCAD BIM, and BricsCAD Mechanical
are now available on GSA Advantage

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We are excited to announce that BricsCAD, BricsCAD BIM, and BricsCAD Mechanical are now available for purchase through the U.S. General Services Administration and the GSA Advantage website (GSA contract GS35F381GA / CAGE: 6XZG7). U.S. government agencies can now easily and conveniently order BricsCAD using the GSA preapproved, online procurement process. BricsCAD has evolved in recent years into the most advanced .dwg based CAD platform for 2D, 3D, BIM, ...

BricsCAD® V20 shapes the ultimate workflow for general drafting, mechanical design, and BIM

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BricsCAD BricsCAD Introduction Features BricsCAD vs. AutoCAD Licensing Try It Buy It Introducing the latest release from the global leader in .dwg-based CAD solutions. Gent, Belgium - 28 October 2019 Enhanced by new productivity tools and AI-driven workflows, BricsCAD® V20 delivers an ultimate workflow for general drafting, mechanical design, and Building Information Modeling. Serving multiple vertical markets via one best-in-class platform, with one DWG-based foundation, is what BricsCAD® does best. ...

BricsCAD V19 Is Here!

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The latest release of the world’s best .dwg-based CAD system is available now The future of the .dwg format is secure with the release of the BricsCAD® V19. V19 extends BricsCAD’s familiar, cost-effective workflows for general drafting, mechanical design and Building Information Modeling. All of these workflows are now available in a single product family. There are hundreds of new features, workflow improvements and fixes in this new, major version of ...

BricsCAD and CGS Labs CADD/CAE software
are now available on GSA Advantage

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AERTWORKS® - tensei llc, a leading supplier of affordable desktop, mobile, and cloud based technologies for innovation and design management today announced that BricsCAD and CGS Labs CADD/CAE software solutions are now available on GSA Schedule number GS35F381GA. GSA Advantage® is the one-stop online resource for thousands of federal, state, and municipal employees worldwide and offers a comprehensive selection of government approved products and services. With a growing need for ...

Will you take the bait from your AutoCAD rep?

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The discounts offered on multi-year contracts to switch you to subscription may look appealing at first, but you’ll still pay a lot more in the end. You can opt for a clear, unambiguous offer instead. By switching to BricsCAD Pro you can save up to $4,620 per seat over five years, and you still get a perpetual license. With BricsCAD, you buy it, you own it FOREVER. BricsCAD has received critical ...

BricsCAD joins buildingSMART to give the .DWG community access to the huge potential of the BIM approach

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by Sander Scheiris It has always has been our goal to come up with a new intuitive BIM solution, where the model created during the preliminary stage of a project can still be used until the ultimate delivery of the building project. Along that process you should be able to link more data and generate all the necessary documents and reports: 2D sections, details, bill of materials, etc. The deep integration ...

Smart Architects BIM in .DWG

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While Revit has been a tremendous success for Autodesk in the AEC space, it has also in many ways disenfranchised its own traditional AutoCAD AEC users. Much revolves around the core file format. AutoCAD was built around .DWG, the ubiquitous file format used by more than 12 Million licensed (60M+ if you include pirated) architectural, design, engineering, and detailing users. Can any company afford to ignore such an install base? ...

NEW | Inside BricsCAD V17

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Now available for download - Free eBook "Inside BricsCAD" (PDF - 330 pages), written by Ralph Grabowski, updated to include the new BricsCAD V17 features. Learn how to create drawings with BricsCAD in as little as a day! The more advanced chapters in the book cover topics like modeling 2D regions & booleans and 3D direct modeling. You will discover how dimensional and geometric constraints speed up your design process. ...

NEW | Spatial Manager™ 3.3

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FOR BRICSCAD & AUTOCAD The new Spatial Manager™ 3.3 introduces several new features including exporting the current map status to Google Earth, the ability to take static “snapshots” of the Background Maps, and selecting objects by simple or compound queries in CAD, smart labels for linear objects, and more. Watch this short Spatial Manager™ 3.3 introduction video: New Features Export the current status of the drawing or map to Google Earth Visible layers ...