Spatial Manager for BricsCAD or AutoCAD


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Basic Edition

Perpetual LicenseMain Features:

Import spatial data in drawings

Transformation of coordinates when importing

Basic target layer or new target layers using a field value

Use field based blocks for points and centroids

Block parameters from field values

Label entities when importing

Batch import

Elevation and thickness from field values

Spatial filter

Polygon fills and transparencies

Access to spatial data files:
SHP, GPX, KML, OSM, etc. (show full list)

Standard Edition

Perpetual LicenseSame as ‘Basic Edition’ and also:

Import data from tables as Extended Entity Data (EED)

Extended Entity Data (EED) viewer and editor palette


Queries and Data structure management

Background base maps:

Roads, satellite, hybrid, …

User maps (XYZ/TMS, WMS, WMTS)

Export/Import user maps


Publishing to Google Earth

Access to spatial database servers:
SQL Server, PostGIS, etc. (show full list)

Access to other connections:
WFS, ODBC, etc. (show full list)

Manage schemas and tables

Professional Edition

Perpetual LicenseSame as ‘Standard Edition’ and also:

Data Grid palette

Interactive and synchronized

Export spatial data from BricsCAD to:
SHP, KML, PostGIS, etc. (show full list)

Select the entities to be exported

Extra exporting options: Handle, Layer, Coordinates, Length, Area, Elevation, Blocks properties and Attributes, Text and Hatches properties …

Filtering entities

Transformation of coordinates when exporting

‘Tasks’ to replay one or more processes (batch processing)