LiveDOK is a documentation software system, which has been developed and tailored to meet the needs of operational plant management. LiveDOK gives you the option of managing, browsing and correcting all documents, plans and paperwork for industrial plants in digital format and on a real-time basis. Changes, additions and new documents are recorded immediately and visible to all involved in the project.

This product is available through the Federal Micro Purchases Program Cage# 6XZG7

DUNS Number 079084188

Why select LiveDOK NG?

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple import and export function for various document types
  • Automatic keyword assignment for whole documents
  • High-performance search functions
  • Tried and tested red-lining tools
  • Can also be used on tablet PCs

Application Areas


  • Maintenance personnel have fast access to the current, updated documentation wherever they are. No more lengthy searches and inquiries are necessary.
  • Access to plant documentation no longer involves carrying around stacks of cumbersome paper files.
  • Changes can be entered directly in theplan on the PC
  • No need for time-consuming paperwork alterations in several different files
  • Changes are immediately accessible to all concerned

Plant Management

  • Using LiveDOK ensures that the as-built status of a document is always available
  • High quality in documentation with minimal use of time and resources
  • Redlining entries are logged and do not get lost
  • Minimal resources required to record plant changes, due to maintenance of the original documents
  • Low investment requirement
  • Faster correction of faults
  • Better revision management
  • Documents cannot become soiled or illegible or get lost

Plant Engineering

  • During the construction phase and commissioning, changed documents can be sent directly to the specialist departments.
  • Specialist departments return the changes promptly, so that the updated documentation is available.
  • As-built documentation can be drawn up quickly and easily after commissioning
  • No more queries in the operative phase about how the plant is in fact constructed.
  • In inspection tasks and loopchecks, an overview of work progress is provided at all times by stamping tools and status values.
  • Inspection certificates with the options of stamp and signature can be used as documentation of proof.


  • Access to quality-related documents at all times
  • Modification of documents is simple when changes need to be made
  • Guarantees that all those concerned have access only to the updated document
  • Users can enter comments, remarks or improvements/ corrections directly.

“So simple anyone can use it. The secret of LiveDOK’s success lies in the fact that it is so simple and it was immediately accepted by our plant personnel. Operators, repair technicians and engineers can all access the documentation in the same way. There is a drastic reduction in time-consuming queries and wandering around searching for documents, and we can also evaluate any changes to our system electronically at any time.”

Michael Brendelberger, BASF SE Ludwigshafen

„LiveDOK is very simple and intuitive to use. Within just a short time, our documents are available electronically and ready for use. This means we now have access to all the documents we need on mechanics, I&C technology and process engineering wherever we are in seconds. The simple red-lining tool means we have consistent plant documentation at all times.“

„LiveDOK helps us keep the floods of paperwork under control. We have thousands of CAD and other documents and files on a single server. It is very simple to make these available as electronic system documents using LiveDOK. Any technical modifications are recorded directly in the documentation by the staff. This means we always have up-to-date “as-built documentation” of our system. Collecting changes means we can bundle revisions better and optimise expenditure on maintenance and modification of the documentation.“

Harald Zöller, terranets bw GmbH


The Document Container contains all the documents that are made available in LiveDOK. All documents can be filed and administered in any hierarchical structure as wished. In this way you always have an overview and retain control over your original documents. A fast viewer enables all original documents to be viewed and opened with one click in the relevant application.

File Synchronization

With the help of the file synchronization feature, the document container is very quickly filled from the source files. The source directories are shown in a tree structure in the document container. In the tree new documents, changed documents or documents that are no longer needed can be identified and shown with one mouse click.

LiveDOK Generator

The LiveDOK generator generates the real-time as-built documentation from the original documents. In this process, all usual file formats are converted to PDF documents and are made available electronically. Additionally the documents are indexed and a full text search machine is installed. The LiveDOK generator creates a tree for document navigation.

Search function with Google syntax

LiveDOK offers a search function with Google syntax. This enables a full text search to be carried out in seconds, even with large volumes of documentation.

View function

The intuitive user interface gives fast access to the documents. Navigation with comfortable scrolling gives a rapid overview. The fast viewer provides a preview of the document. A double click opens the document in another tab. To keep a clear view, several documents can be opened in one tab at the same time.


The redlining tools available in LiveDOK were developed for fast, straight forward use. With just one click you have added your information or changes to the document. Changes are immediately visible to all users. The redlining options range from handwritten entries to marking, strikethrough, dynamic stamping and much more. The user interface is designed for simplicity, so that a short briefing is all your employees need in order to use it.

Workflow of Changes

Changes to the documents are recorded and are provided in list form. Revision of documents takes place in the original and is then made available in LiveDOK. LiveDOK administers the new and changed documents and enables updating and distribution at the touch of a button.


You can send documents directly by email and export search lists via Excel. Particularly in plant management, these functionalities are enormously useful and greatly facilitate communication with other departments, customers and suppliers.

Accessible offline at any time

With the app you have the current plant documentation at your fingertips everywhere in the plant – even in the Ex-zone – which greatly simplifies your work in the plant. The app can be operated intuitively, meaning that everyone can use it straight away. The documentation can be synchronized via WLAN at the touch of a button.

In 2015 RÖSBERG won the elektrotechnik App Award with in the Engineering category, thus confirming as one of the best automation  apps.