Flexible licensing. No forced subscriptions.


 Volume Licensing.
One key, flexible usage

 Network Licensing

A CAD volume licensing agreement allows you to use the BricsCAD software within a contractually defined user base. You can install the CAD software using a single license key valid for every user, which greatly simplifies license management. You also receive access to all product upgrades and getpriority treatment from our support desk.

With a CAD network licensing agreement, multiple users can use BricsCAD within a LAN (Local Area Network). The number of available network licenses defines the number of users who can concurrently use the software. Network licenses come by default with roaming ability.

Priority support

Support requests sent in by All-In Maintenance users enjoy a ‘next business day’ response time, directly from the central Bricsys support service.

 Be up to date*

All-in Maintenance includes an upgrade to the next major release. This means full access to all updates and upgrades within your yearly subscription.

Flexible licensing

The optional All-In Maintenance is assigned to your permanent license. If you don’t renew your All-In Maintenance, you can keep on using BricsCAD and upgrade it later.

 All-In Maintenance: The best and most extended yearly comfort-cushion

Consider the All-In Maintenance for a whole year of comfort and worry-free enjoyment. Get priority support from day one, full access to the next major release.

* An upgrade to the next major version is included when the next major version is released while your All-In Maintenance is active.