DEK CAD is a professional tool which helps designers to easily draw and manage modular formworks for slabs.

Setting no limitations on drawing schemes and complexity, DEK CAD offers an integrated solution for the phases of:

  • Design
  • Costs estimation
  • Preparation of commercial offers and presentations
  • Material management both in the warehouse and at the building site
  • Creation of technical drawings and assembling schemes

DEK CAD™ General Overview

Plug-in or full package solution?

As flexible tool as it is, DEK CAD suits any user’s needs. Two different solutions and two different configurations can be implemented depending on user’s assets and skills.

Plug-in solution for your CAD
This option inserts an additional tab and more than 200 new commands to your CAD; supported CADs are AutoCAD® (version 2009 or newer) or BricsCAD® (version 12PRO or newer).

Full package solution with double (inter)face
This option allow the user to choose between two interfaces:

  • PRO interface: closer to standard CAD one, this configuration is tailored for expert CAD users who are comfortable with various tabs and many buttons;
  • SMART interface: more intuitive, this configuration is tailored for less experienced users who may find easier to work with less buttons and tabs.

Supported formwork types and brands

DEK CAD is a parametric software that can design any type, brand and model of horizontal formwork for slabs. The Customer can ask MEC CAD to develop horizontal formwork libraries/databases on his behalf starting from technical drawings and relevant information.

How does FOR CAD work?

Optimized disposition of panels

With DEK CAD it is possible to draw starting from a plan or from a conveniently elaborated image. At first DEK CAD produces different optimized solutions for panels arrangement and inserts eventual fillers. It is up to the designer to choose the most suitable one and to develop further.

Develop in 2D mode

Thanks to a simple command, the designer can determine every feature of the horizontal formwork and develop it in the most detailed way. It is always possible to change and integrate any particular.


After automatic development, for the most complex details, the designer can intervene manually: he can insert any type of components (a pillar in the exemplifying image), and change and integrate any particular (add fillers, replace items, etc.), by using both DEK CAD commands and original CAD’s ones.

From 3D to 2D and viceversa

With a simple click it is possible to easily switch from 3D mode, ideal for Bills of Materials and presentations, to 2D one, ideal for working drawings. Similarly, it is possible the opposite switching, from 2D to 3D.

Bills of Materials

DEK CAD creates precise bills of materials and provides accurate reports which are useful to manage warehouse, transport-tation and construction site. Bills of materials are produced in open standard formats, which can be easily integrated with other softwares.


All technical records (general drafts, sections, assembling schemes) can be created in few clicks thanks to powerful commands. It is possible to determine sections, views and details for assembling schemes.