Who approved What, When, Where and Why?


Unified Project View

Bricsys 24/7 service provides project teams with a single view on all project communications, actions, documents, and data. Project information is no longer scattered across different email systems, filing cabinets and individual laptops. And all project collaborators can be assured to always be working on the most up-to-date version of any document or CAD drawing, letting them save time and reduce costs.


Cost Effective

All project information, including version history and interaction logs, is readily available to all project managers and contributors with the appropriate access rights. It is therefore easier to reach consensus, faster to make decisions, and more straightforward to contain costs. Projects can also be standardized through the use of company specific templates for documents structures and access rights. Overall project collaboration is streamlined and productivity improved.


Risk Management

Projects, especially in AEC, medical devices, and aerospace, are getting more complex with increased numbers of contractors and external partners and more regulatory compliance requirements. With Bricsys 24/7 service project managers are better equipped to manage schedules and budgets, and also to control project risks. Full document version history and interaction logs provide for complete audit trails and can also be archived for later use.


Cloud-based Solution

As Bricsys 24/7 service is delivered to you as a Software-as-a-Service solution, no server hardware needs to be acquired and no software needs to be licensed, installed and maintained. Deployment of the solution is fast and easy and updates are automatic. Project information is accessible from anywhere, all that is required is an Internet connection and a standard web browser.