• Bricsys 24/7

Bricsys 24/7 Transfer Tool

The transfer tool allows you to transfer documents, folders an even a complete folder structure betweeen your local file system and the folders of the 24/7 service. The split screen user interface allows you to upload or download files through simple drag and drop.

Bricsys 24/7 Connect

24/7 Connect allows you to upload and download your drawing to the 24/7 cloud service, including dependencies like xrefs, background, fonts,… 24/7 keeps track of revisions and links between files so your fileset remains organized. In BricsCAD, it’s built-in.

Upload and download directly from within AutoCAD including all dependencies.

Upload and download directly from within Microsoft Word.

Upload and download directly from within Microsoft Excel.

Bricsys 24/7 Mobile for Apple iOS and Google Android

  • All files at your fingertips. Instantly view your project files. Bricsys 24/7 already supports more than 70 document types, from text to image to office formats, and even complex CAD files.
  • Review documents on the go. Access the latest versions of your documents and review them. You can read annotations made by others or create one yourself.
  • Make and upload a picture. Take a picture of content you want to share and upload it to your project on the cloud-based Bricsys 24/7 service.
  • Easy Annotation. Simply drag a rectangle over the text or image that you want to highlight and write down your comment.

Bricsys 24/7 Third-Party Applications

  • APROPLAN – A collaborative solution for architects, contractors, developers, and engineers. AproPLAN can be integrated in Bricsys 24/7.
  • TIQ – Helps you to automatically register your daily activities. Stop worrying about tracking your time. Create a clear overview, but don’t waste time doing it.
  • SMARTCHECKUPS – Builds innovative mobile business applications that improve existing work flows in the real estate and property management industry. Our first product “SmartCheckups” turns each iPad in a powerful property inspection tool. Save over 50% in time compared to manual property inspections.
  • C-SITE – Automates real time image capturing, video feeds and timelapses from construction sites (on-site cameras) and turns them into actionable information. C-SITE creates content used for project follow-up, social media marketing, website promotions as well as in-company knowledge sharing. C-SITE is a powerful tool that can be used by several stakeholders in the construction process: for developers, owners, contractors and project managers. Accessible any time, from any location and on any device.
  • KYP – Improves the communication between parties who are involved in a project by connecting people, jobs, businesses and tools.
  • ARCHISNAPPER – A simple tool for field reports, safety reports and punch lists that will save you hours of time and stress.

  • Bricsys 24/7