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BricsCAD offers a whole new world for those who venture beyond the AutoCAD horizon. Among its growing community of users, BricsCAD is best known for its feature-rich combination of 2D drawing and 3D modeling.

BricsCAD V20 for AutoCAD users

Download “BricsCAD® V20 for AutoCAD® Users”
(PDF – 368 pages – Free eBook) tells you everything you need to know about making the switch from AutoCAD to BricsCAD’s newest release.

For Users

BricsCAD vs AutoCAD - User

For CAD Managers

BricsCAD vs AutoCAD - CAD Managers

For Executives

BricsCAD vs AutoCAD - Executives

Ten more great reasons why you should consider BricsCAD over AutoCAD


  1. No learning curve with a familiar user interface. Most AutoCAD® trained users are up and running with BricsCAD® within twenty minutes. For a complete comparison of the similarities and differences between BricsCAD® and AutoCAD®, download the free eBook “BricsCAD 20 for AutoCAD Users” (PDF)
  2. Speeds up working on very large drawings with the AI enhanced, predictive QUAD cursor ()
  3. BricsCAD® is more affordable with perpetual licenses starting from $650 for Classic, $850 for Pro, and $1,200 for Platinum. See the licensing cost saving table further down.
  4. 100% native 2D/3D DWG file support. Can read, edit, and save AutoCAD files v2.5 to .DWG 2018.
  5. Built-in architectural direct modeler with SketchUp SKP import, IFC import & export, and built-in BIM database.
  6. Advanced mechanical design features such as 3D constraints, design intent, assembly modeling, kinematic analysis, and BOM. Platinum Only
  7. Built-in industry leading sheet metal design functionality  () Platinum Only
  8. Extensive customization and development capabilities using LISP (vl-, vlr-, vla-, vlax-), SDS, ADS, DCL, VBA, .NET, BRX, and TX  ()
  9. Executes LISP faster than AutoCAD®, and unlike AutoCAD® LT, BricsCAD® Classic runs LISP!  ()
  10. More than 1,200 partner add-on solutions, including for AEC, civil, GIS, survey, mapping, HVAC, fire protection, landscape, structural, electrical, mechanical, and packaging design, as well as highly specialized vertical applications. (…)