What’s new in BricsCAD BIM V20

Parametric Stair Modeler

In just a few clicks, BIMSTAIR enables the creation of a complete parametric staircase, supporting straight, L-shaped, and U-shaped stairs.


AUTOMATCH will automatically match and complete BIM information, such as missing compositions, properties, and more.

Grasshopper Connection

A bi-directional connection to Rhino 3D modeler’s Grasshopper bridges the gap between algorithmic and building information modeling in a real-time and bi-direction workflow.

Enscape Connection*

Enscape provides quality real-time rendering integrated into the design workflow by leveraging existing BIM data.

(*) Coming soon.

Propagate Details Library

Parametric Propagate makes it possible to parametrize and save the details in the library for their future re-use at any time in any model.

BCF Panel

BCF panel simplifies the communication of model-based issues with other applications. It provides an overview of the opened issues, their status, as well as issue assignees.


IFC4 enables the export and import of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC4) data models, the open and neutral data format for openBIM, with improved support for NURBS and handling of meshes.

Elevation Hatches

Elevation hatches for 2D elevations with generated textures or solid fills of a composition.

Bricsys 24/7 Panel

The 24/7 Panel elevates design collaboration between teams for project and product data management.

Other Unique Features

Curtain walls

Create curtain walls from freeform surfaces.

HVAC modeling

BricsCAD BIM’s profile library contains features like bends, t-connections and flow terminals.

Site modeling tools

Site modeling tools for creating graded terrains.

Quick Draw

Full conceptual design of buildings and rooms by drawing rectangles and L-shapes.


Create rectangular and radial grid with automatic labels.

Propagate (copy detail)

The Propagate tool uses AI to help you automatically replicate details throughout your BIM.

 Sketch. BIM. Detail. All in .DWG
100% Creative Expression. 0% Complexity.


BricsCAD BIM makes it easy to transition from 2D CAD to 3D architectural modeling with full BIM capability. With BricsCAD BIM’s powerful direct modeler you can translate your spatial concepts into detailed 3D architectural models. Intuitive functionality and an extensive library of tutorials assure your ability to produce detailed sheets of your creation in hours, not months.

Easy concept modeling

Create intuitively without limitation as you would do in Sketch-Up – but it will be faster and precise. Modify finally by drag and drop. Make sections and renderings to present your ideas crystal clear. When approved, your model goes to the next stage: No need to start all over again in another software. It’s all 100% .dwg and ready for BIM now.

Draw walls and quickly

BricsCAD BIM allows you to easily modify positions and dimensions. To design walls in BIM, draw their footprints in 2D and then pull them up to the desired level. You can also specify their level by entering dimensions interactively.

Windows and doors

Arrays of windows and doors are included in the BricsCAD BIM design sets. To specify windows and doors, choose or modify a design from the library or create your own designs from scratch.

BIM Suggest analyses connections

Select two building elements and BIM Suggest will analyze the connection between them. Next, it will find similar areas in the model where the same connection can be used. Then, you can choose how those connections are updated. Spend less time looking for issues and more time refining your design with BIM Suggest

BIMIFY Automatic Classification

Turn your design concept into a full BIM with the help of BIMIFY. The classification of building elements (core, architectural, structural and building services) and their spatial locations (site, building, story) are automatically determined, giving you more time to do what you do best

Structural Modeling

The new Structural Modeling Toolset in BricsCAD BIM recognizes linear solids and can automatically classify them as columns, beams, railings, pipes, ducts and more.

BIM the model

Just continue with the presentation model. All elements – walls, floors, columns, windows doors, etc. – can be classified automatically by BricsCAD BIM. Start to add IFC compliant information to the elements. Add gradually more and more detail and data. See how 2D sections show all the details – when needed magnify explicit details and keep everything synched. Manage your office materials and composition database efficiently – all in that one BricsCAD BIM.

Explore your model from site to room

BricsCAD BIM thinks logically, just like you. BIM models exists on a building site, and can contain one or more buildings. Each building can have multiple stories. You always have full control over the properties you assign to these BIM elements.

Easily attach information to building elements

Store building materials and compositions in the project database, which you can find in the BIM panel. Building materials contain information about specific materials along with layer names and rendering definitions.

Easy Drawing Generation

Generate sheet sets in just seconds and fill them with elevation, section or plan views. When more detailling is needed, you can update the model with the help of detail sections.

Create detail sections

With BricsCAD BIM, you can quickly create detail sections of your model for construction documentation. The level of detail is up to you. Change the design, and these details update automatically

 One platform. One .DWG file format.

.DWG remains the ubiquitous file format with more than 12 Million architects, designers, engineers, and drafters using it daily. Unlike other vendors that force you to translate back and forth between file formats (e.g. .rvt, .rfa, .nwf, and .skp for AEC) with the risk of errors and data loss with each translation, BricsCAD allows you to work entirely in .DWG.


Check your BIM models with other engineering disciplines of the project. Compare your architectural model with structural models and MEP models via IFC. Match geometries and get all the needed info from BIM intelligent objects.

BriscCAD BIM is certified for IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), the global ISO 16739 standard developed and maintained by buildingSMART International for Building Information Modeling (BIM), recommended as open standard by The American Institute of Architects and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), and now mandated by the U.S. General Services Administration for all project milestones.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Keep geometry and data on your desktop synchronized with a version in the cloud. Manage access rights for other project teams and share with them parts or the entire project. The most recent version is always immediately available.

Detailed data and metadata can be viewed and browsed in the online IFC compliant database or – together with the geometry – in the online 3D viewer. Use powerful filters to search and view single elements or groups of elements. Check your models with models of other engineering disciplines of the project.

Be Creative

Sketch professionally in 3D

Be Accurate

Fully BIM sketched model.

Be Interoperable

Exchange with others via IFC

Be Online

Collaborate and share models and data in the cloud