Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion using ARTISAN for color, material, and light studies 

ARTISAN Rendering

This product is now available through the Federal Micro Purchases Program – TENSEI LLC / 079084188 – Cage# 6XZG7

ARTISAN architectural rendering is the perfect solution for busy designers who want to easily create images to speed up the design and decision-making process. A wide range of preset Materials and Lighting Setups plus the ability to create your own realistic Materials make ARTISAN a pleasure to use.

Easily create high-quality images of your model

No need to become a rendering ‘expert’. Create images without needing to learn the complex paramerters required by some other products. Create superb rendered images with the minimum of effort. A comprehensive palette of Materials, Backgrounds and Lighting Schemes make image creation a simple task. Everything is drag-and-drop and, coupled with a highly interactive real-time display in which to navigate, you’ll be able to compose the perfect shot to show your design off to its best advantage.

Capture your ideas as ARTISAN SnapShots

Save your finished design ideas in a ‘SnapShot’ or use them for convenient ‘work-in-progress’ points. Capture the changes you have made in ARTISAN with a single click as a SnapShot, which records everything you have put into the scene. There’s no limit to the number of SnapShots and design combinations you can save allowing you to build your presentation as well as to go back to earlier ideas. When the model changes, simply re-render all of the SnapShots again with a single click to view those ideas with the new model.

Optimized for BricsCAD

Artisan is the only renderer that is fully integrated with BricsCAD. A single click from BricsCAD and within seconds, you will be creating photo-realistic images of your models. Find out how easy it is.

Select your Materials, Background and Lighting Scheme

Drag, drop and edit the components that will make your scene come alive. Materials are fundamental to creating a good image and ARTISAN comes with a wide range as well as the building blocks for you to easily create and share your own Material archives. We’re adding to the list continually and will begin sharing new archives via our web-site and other forums.

Explore your model with real-time navigation

Explore your model as you’ve never seen it before with ARTISAN’s real-time navigation. Intuitive real-time navigation modes allow you to move around and inside your model. Materials, Backgrounds and Lighting Schemes, including interactive positioning of the sun, all allow you to set up the scene exactly as you want to.