NEW | Spatial Manager™ 3.3

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The new Spatial Manager™ 3.3 introduces several new features including exporting the current map status to Google Earth, the ability to take static “snapshots” of the Background Maps, and selecting objects by simple or compound queries in CAD, smart labels for linear objects, and more.

Watch this short Spatial Manager™ 3.3 introduction video:

New Features

  • Export the current status of the drawing or map to Google Earth
    Visible layers – Splitting by layer or splitting by object type – All drawing/map or a selection – Equivalent styles – Open directly the resulting KML or KMZ file in Google Earth)
  • Raster Snapshots of the Background Maps
    Up to four levels of image resolution – Provides interesting solutions to define different maps for different Viewports and/or Views.
  • Select Objects in Drawings by Simple or Compound Queries over the Data
    Complete queries or query to the current selection and add the result to the current selection
  • Other Export improvements
    • Select the data Tables and Fields to be exported
    • Option to export the X/Y/Z coordinates of the objects
    • Advanced management of duplicate fields
    • Option to export the rotation and scales of Blocks
  • Zoom to the selected objects
  • Labels also for linear objects while importing (smart label distribution)
  • PostGIS Views

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